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Our expertise is in the analysis of our clients’ risk exposure, enabling us to design and provide innovative and creative risk management solutions, unique to each client.

Corporate Hospitality & Event Insurance

Since 1994, JMM has designed and marketed specific cancellation, abandonment and rescheduling protections. This unique insurance protection also covers customers’ inability to attend their hospitality event for causes that are outside of their control, such as flight delay, transport failure, weather, personal accident and illness, strikes and riots.

Our Hospitality & Event Protection can provide ‘no play’ cover for outside sports events such as tennis and cricket.

JMM regularly arranges cover for all manner of sports, including motorsport, tennis, horse racing, rugby, football and cricket.

Cover in this area can also be arranged for concerts, theatre performances and many other types of indoor and outdoor events.

Individual ‘Inability To Attend’ Programmes

The JMM Group has offered individual ‘Inability to Attend’ ticket reimbursement programmes to venues, event organisers and ticket agents since 1994. Our SecureMyBooking programme ensures that customers who cannot attend an event will be reimbursed the full cost of their ticket purchase, including all fees, and can be extended to include additional items purchased at the same time as the tickets.

We cover millions of tickets each year with these programmes, and consistently provide service standards that are complimented by our clients’ customers.

Delegate Secure is JMM’s Individual Inability to Attend Programme, designed specifically for the Conferences and Events Industry. For further information, click here.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Our specialised insurance package has been developed in conjunction with Syndicate Underwriters at Lloyd’s to provide global cover for contractors working in offshore oil and gas, including North America, in one insurance package. It protects against loss and damage to property, personal injury, death and illness as well as third-party losses, pollution and indirect or consequential loss. It also covers Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity.

JMM is able to scope and rate each risk separately to ensure that clients’ overall insurance needs are fully covered at the best possible rates.

Life Sciences Combined Liability Packages

JMM Europe design and underwrite Combined Liability Insurance Packages for Life Sciences.  These packages provide Employers, Public and Products Liability Insurances and both Professional Indemnity and Medical Malpractice Insurance. On request, we can include cover for No Fault Compensation and Legal Liabilities, Life of Trial cover (for up to 10 years) and Global Master Difference in Conditions / Difference in Limits cover.

Recruitment & Labour Supply

Since 2000, this specialised insurance package has been developed continuously in conjunction with Syndicates at Lloyd’s for recruitment and labour supply companies providing placed personnel to industries such as Aviation, Rail, Construction, Utilities, Healthcare, Offshore, Aerospace, IT, Oil & Gas.

Our package provides covers for Combined Liability Insurances, Professional Indemnity, Medical Malpractice and Drivers Negligence. Directors and Officers can be included.

Cover includes Contractual Liability, Indemnity to Principals, Damage to Leased or Rented Premises, Vicarious Liability from contractors supplied, Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability, Breach of Data Protection Act, Libel and Slander.

We review the scope and complexity of each client’s risk individually and are able to match contractual terms and conditions to the individual risk assessment. Our cover is worldwide, including North America.